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Dear Friends,

Well finally getting this blog started!  I was hoping to organize my thoughts and come up with a plan, a purpose, a message if you will, that I want to tell the world.  The more I thought about that the more daunting it seemed.  Then I thought of my sister, Arlene, and my BFF Angie, and the people that inspire me to be my best self: Michelle, Kelly, Kristen, Jayne, Linda, and the friends I am not in touch with who helped shape my soul, Amy, Beth, Karen, Kim, and so many more.  I miss you all – I miss the laughter, the intimacy, the sharing of secrets, fears, hopes, and private corners of our hearts!  If you could dust a life for fingerprints, you would find all of yours on mine!

I’m hoping for a connection now – not to share any monumental discovery or accomplishment.  Tell me what you’re doing and how you’re doing.  Let me know what you’ve learned or discovered, what you’ve loved or lost, what you finally let go of now that we are ‘mature’ and no longer care so deeply about the competition.

At 54 years old I am a mother,  grandmother, wife, university professor, sister, daughter, and friend.  I consider myself a family activist or advocate with a certification in Family Life Education (CFLE) and a Ph.D. in Leadership and Change from Antioch University.  I like to think of my degree as one in advocacy or “Leadership and SOCIAL Change.”  My goal is to make a difference, to leave the world in a better place than when I found it, to enjoy life and those I love.

So, that being said, I can see my messages going in several different areas: Family Responsibilities, Life-long Learning, and Being YOUR Best Adult.  That’s enough to start with so we’ll see how things progress!  Pass along any advice, thoughts, questions or concerns and I will be happy to explore them with you!

Take Care Friends – We got this!

Momma Stack

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