Mom to Mom (on the job)

I discovered some enlightening tidbits about parenting adult children today.  I had my granddaughter with me today, of course, and decided to drop her off to my daughter at work.  My daughter and her husband both have full-time jobs and grandparents take turns helping out!  We each have our own days …

Anyway, as I was dropping Taryn off, Kateri tells me she is tired, hungry, grumpy, and ready to go home.  She is four months pregnant and had ended up missing lunch because of her duties with an outreach program for third graders.  She explains how it really isn’t anyone’s fault, that the lady who orders the food does a careful head-count but might not think to include board members or donors who happen to be on site helping out.  To make a long story short, there wasn’t enough food.


As a mom, I never explained any office etiquette about taking care of one’s needs while behaving professionally.  Hell, where did “I” learn how to do that?  I can remember SO many women throughout my 35-year working career that have taken me under their wing to explain everything from open-toed shoes being a no-no, to keeping your ashtray clean.  Yes, I digress, but there was a time when everyone had them on their desks and clients used them regularly!

So, here is what happened: trays of subs and chips were brought out to be served buffet style in a line.  Kateri knew to wait until all the customers were finished eating to get her meal (I did teach her some things).  However, there was one piece of a sub left – that’s it!  Since they were so swamped with the students she didn’t have another opportunity to go out and get a lunch and she didn’t pack one since she was told lunch would be provided.

For anyone who has been pregnant you understand the issues.  Going for several hours with nothing in your stomach can cause additional issues!

Okay, so here is where I could help.  “Hey, Kateri!  If this should happen again, I would come up with a script that felt comfortable to you that you could say to a colleague or your supervisor.  Something like, I’m going to be taking care of the customers as my first priority and don’t want to worry about leaving them in the midst of the program to get lunch.  Would you please put aside a sandwich and bag of chips and I can get them when things die down?  Or even, let them know that YOU will grab yours ahead of time and put aside so no one has to worry about it.”

Can I ask you all a favor?  If a young person is working along side you, can you please help me out and teach them the things some of us moms forgot?  It really does take a village, and I promise that I will do the same!  No judgements on you or the kids, just mom-to-mom helping one another through this thing called life.

To Linda, Jayne, Greg, Michelle, and Frank – thanks for doing your part for Kateri and all of the student employees we’ve had through the years.  ((hugs))

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  1. This is so good and a great reminder of how many of us need to still embrace mentoring the next generation.

    1. Thanks Leah!! I am SO often reminded how much I still need support, a friend, or someone to help navigate the hard days. I hope things are going well for you – drop me a line and let me know! <3

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