Cancer Sucks, Sisters are Forever

Little Sister
Lake Michigan, Zion, IL

Our haul, beautiful rocks.

I am journaling here to share our journey. My sister and I are together at Cancer Treatment Center of America in Zion Illinois. It is a punishing cold 9 degrees and lots of wind north of the Windy City.

My sister was diagnosed with cancer “in the ‘nether’ regions” (female stuff) at home in Jackson, Michigan and we are here for another opinion and treatment. They are concerned about a lump in her neck, so we have had several more tests and consults scheduled.

I am sitting in the waiting room while she is in a pulmonary function test tapping this out one finger at a time on my phone. Please forgive errors!

I send updates to family and provide comedic relief where I can. It’s what we do, my sis and I.

She is 53, I am 55…her with a bad back and me with a cane. I had a minor surgery on my knee and we are both being inducted together into middle age. It sucks, and as Bette Davis said, it’s certainly not for sissies!

In the brutal wind, without coats, we braved the Lake Michigan beach to compete with ice, snow, and sand for the rocks buried and scattered on the shore. I think we even found some beauties and one Petoskey stone.

Part of middle age must also be to keep living with challenging circumstances. We love rocks…polishing them, painting them, but mostly the anticipation and thrill of finding them. This is how we live, one day, one moment at a time. Life is short. Don’t stop having fun now, there is much joy, laughter, and contentment to come. Though some days I need reminding!

Before we left, I met with my counselor to double check my “coping tool box”. I centered my self, reviewed ‘tapping’ and processed my feelings. I packed yarn and crochet hooks, paint and brushes, along with a sense of humor and a mantra – “we’ve got this, together we can face anything.”

Til next time,

Big Sis, Momma Stack

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