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So I can speak with some credibility I’ll let you know I’m a college professor teaching in the social sciences.  This means that I teach diversity, sociology, psychology, globalization, humanities, and some leadership classes.  My undergraduate degree is in family life education, my master’s degree is in anthropology and family studies, and my Ph.D. is in leadership and change with research in ethnography.  Whew – just to say I went to school for a very long time, have a ton of student loan debt I’m chipping away at, and that along the way some of the information stuck long enough for me to share it with students!!

I don’t really know how I ended up where I did, doing what I do. I am very lucky for sure!  I have a job I absolutely love – to have the opportunity to share knowledge about subjects I’m passionate about is a real joy.  I tease my husband and kids about the fact that it is the one place where the people think what I say is so important that they WRITE IT DOWN.  LOL

I also have been a very self-reflective practitioner with an insatiable curiosity.  I get excited trying to learn the why and how of life more than the when or where!  🙂  This led me to do most of my anthropology research in Appalachia, instigated by family stories. I love putting together pieces of my ancestors’ lives by traipsing through cemeteries and courthouses.  I play with genealogy a bit and find personal meaning in almost every document, photo, or headstone I find.

I have been married for 31 years to my high-school sweetheart, David.  We have raised two awesome children.  There are moments I am still amazed we kept them alive and got them through tons of school!  You will learn enough about them in the future, but for right now, my granddaughter Taryn is the joy of my existence.  She is expecting a sibling in  October, so things will be getting even more exciting!

Thanks for checking in.  I am hoping to be a facilitator of research, resources, and a place to go to feel validated and encouraged.  Together, we got this!

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